How to bravely face your pain until it becomes a pearl...

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Pain is universal and inescapable. For most of life, I have found the world's and the church's reaction to pain bewildering. Both come up short too often, bereft of the whole truth. We are often met with every well-meaning message but "face it," because we aren't really sure how to, or if we can.

I'll always remember the day God asked me to bravely face my pain with Him until it becomes a pearl. Feeling empty of all brave, I wasn't sure I wanted to. It felt too much to ask. That has changed. I am finding Him to be tender, oh so patient, kind, and good.

Jesus wants you to know there's a treasure to uncover in the process, and the treasure is you. The hope of this website is to help us experience healing and wholeness together, letting Him turn our pain into pearls of strength and beauty. More on that later.

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